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At Corsair Valve Services, our goal is to provide professional and affordable valve services for tank protection equipment, but we are also so much more than that !! . We specialise in Breather valves/vents, Emergency relief vents, Flame arrestors, Tank Blanketing and other associated storage tank protection equipment. We offer Overhaul and Repair solutions at our workshop based in the North West and Maintenance/Service packages for onsite work.

Our Services

Here at Corsair Valve Services being independent from manufactures/suppliers we can be fully flexible to suit your needs, we have all your Tank Protection equipment covered for either Overhaul/Repairs at our workshop or Maintenance/Services/Inspections onsite and so much more........


Overhaul & Repairs

Is your equipment performing at its full efficiency ?CVS offer full overhaul & repairs to Tank Protection equipment which is under performing or just in need of some 'TLC' ..........

Maintenance & Service

At Corsair Valves we understand 'time is money' and removing equipment from site can lead to costly downtime or logistics may make it not feasible to remove from site, because of this we can maintain and service equipment Onsite...

Site Surveys

Not sure what equipment you have or the condition, here at CVS we offer Site Surveys to help provide information on equipment and the condition. We can then use this data to help provide Maintenance & Servicing solutions ......


Have a question?? Need some info ?? Give us a call, we are happy to help


Need Tank protection Equipment, being independent from any manufacturer or supplier, we can find the best product that suit your project and budget, let us do the ringing around....


Have your own maintenance team and workshop but need spares, we have you covered ..........


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